Putin's attack on Ukraine is an outrage.  We encourage everybody to help the Ukrainians resist Putin's act of aggression.  We have decided the most effective way for us to help defend Ukraine is to move as many Ukrainian non-combatants into stable living arrangements away from the conflict zone.  Those in Ukraine fighting for their country should not have to worry about the safety of their families.  Even with the Ukrainian army's strong performance and the local population's resistance, it appears this will be a long war.

As an American who has lived for 20 years in Central Europe I have visited many of the places where battles are now raging.  I am reaching out to those in my North American social network to help us resettle Ukrainian refugee families in medium term accommodation (3 - 6 months) in less impacted regions away from the border.  

Peter Feher (Refugee Assistance) - Peter is from Kosice in Eastern Slovakia.  While he is an exceptional C++ programmer with extensive experience in investment banking, his other job at the moment is coordinating drivers to pick up refugee families arriving from the National University of Kharkiv (a 700 mile journey).  Slovakia has done an exceptional job of managing the refugee crisis but Peter’s fear is that ad hoc accommodation in Eastern Slovakia is rapidly filling up and he expects many more waves of refugees to enter the country in the coming months.

Tom Siegel (Chief Fund Raiser) - Tom has worked with Peter and Aaron extensively in the past on business projects.  When those of us here in Central Europe started looking for boots-on-the-ground work that we could scale up, Tom volunteered to raise funds to make it happen.

Aaron Burda (Operation Manager) - I’ve lived in Central Europe for more than half of my life.  I have strong business and social connections back to the United States.  I know many Americans have the same feeling of outrage about Putin’s war and want to do something.  I hope I can connect my friends in the US with my friends here in Central and Eastern Europe so that together we can help end this horrible saga.

You can visit our gofundme page here.